Safety measures for roof cleaning


Cleaning your roof is a very risky ordeal, and therefore you need to hire a professional to do it. If you consider cleaning the roof yourself, then you need to take some precautionary and safety measures. These measures can help you to clean the roof securely as well as effectively. The following are some of the essential safety measures when cleaning the roof of your house.

Use shoes with good traction

Wet tiles usually get covered with mold and moss hence can be slippery. Shoes that have an excellent traction and grip will give you extra balance as well as hold when cleaning the roof of the

Distribute your weight

By making use of the walkway, it is easy to distribute your weight. This will also help to reduce your pressure while on the tiles. You ideally need to cushion or pad up the plywood’s underside with foam.

Ensure the plants are safe

Some of the chemical solutions used for cleaning can be hazardous to your plants. It is therefore important that you ensure the plants near the roof or walls are safe from the sprays. If you are using chlorine and other agents, you need to cover the plants using plastic. If you are using mild products, then you can wet the plants before you start the cleaning process.

Stand on dry areas

While cleaning the roof, try as much as possible to stand only in the dry areas. Arrange the work with an aim that when doing the cleaning work you will be standing in the dry parts of your roof.

Divide your work into sections

Before you start the job, you need to distribute your roof into sections. This will enable you to work on a single section at a time and allow the other sections to dry. This also allows you to focus on various cleaning requirements for every section and give you ample space to stand on while working.


Wear the right clothes

You should wear clothes that are comfortable but not loose cleaning the roof. Cover the body so that you are protected from UV rays from the sun. Also, put on clothes that do not hinder your movement. Jewelry and accessories should also be avoided as much as possible.

Use a ladder

ladderYou should include a ladder in your cleaning plan. You should stand on a secure ladder while cleaning the roof if possible. The ladder is a perfect alternative to cleaning your clogged gutters.

You need to very careful while cleaning your roof if you chose to do it for yourself. Take note of these safety measures when doing your roof cleaning project.