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Basic Blackjack Strategy Guide

We have written the ultimate guide to basic Blackjack strategy for how to play blackjack. The basic strategy of Blackjack was created by Edward Oakley Thorp in 1962 as a result of the study of thousands of hypothetical games. It is empirically proven to work in the long term, as long as it is used as shown in the tables . Any random decision can lead to failure. Statistical and probability calculations minimize the house edge and favor the player. Thanks to the basic strategy it is easier to determine when to stand, hit a card, double the bet or split the game

Basic Blackjack Strategy

The table describes the basic strategy of the American version in which 4 or more decks are used. Remember that:

  • The dealer cannot stand with a score lower than 17 points.
  • The hand can be split in the event that two matching cards are drawn and the bet doubled.
  • The player can surrender with any card.

There are three tables: a heavy hand strategy, a soft hand strategy, and a pair hand strategy. The horizontal axis describes the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand on the vertical axis. The symbol determines the best possible decision based on the recommendation of the basic strategy.

Meaning Symbols In The Basic Strategy Of Blackjack:

  • Ask For A Card: the player wants a new card and makes it known to the dealer.
  • Stand: the player does not want any more cards and decides to stand, either because he has scored 21 points or because his figure is very close to BlackJack
  • Split: the player’s first two cards are the same and the player decides to split and play two games.
  • Double Down: The player can double his bet in exchange for one more card.
  • Surrender – This option is available in a version of BJ called Surrender Blackjack. The player can abandon a game and get half his initial bet back.

Now you know the Guide to the basic strategy of Blackjack and you know how to play blackjack and how to win at blackjack,… do you dare to play?

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